Беременная Ксения Собчак ни в чем себе не отказывает
TV presenter refused to diet.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

Ksenia Sobchak, which very soon will become a mother for the first time, decided not to put ourselves in the time of pregnancy in rigid frames. TV presenter refused to diet while waiting for baby. Xenia admitted that they do not deny themselves anything, including eating sweets. Over time, according to Sobchak, she can eat five chocolate candies. “Someone early in the morning on the beauty and with sweets in the belly!” — she wrote in microblogging.

Xenia, by the way, not only indulges in sweet, but not going to become a homebody. Even though already a decent period of pregnancy, she enjoyed visits with her favorite secular parties, and continues to work on their projects.

At the beginning of September during the “New wave” around, looking at Sobchak was surprised by her activity. By the way, many noticed that the star, even in “interesting position” does not refuse to itself and in fashion shopping. During pregnancy, her wardrobe has seriously replenished with bulky clothes it will probably be to wear and after childbirth. By the way, not so long ago, it pleased himself by purchasing exclusive new bag to Hermes, which, according to rumors, it was worth 50 thousand euros.

But recently presenter husband were the stars of the evening premiere of the film “Duelist”. “This is a great film. Very large and tastefully done, — said Xenia after viewing. — Usually in Russian costume ribbons always what it seems to me absurd, inadequate. This is not the case. Well, Mashkov with Fedorov (Peter Fedorov — artist main role – approx. 7days.ru) lovely, of course. Verdict: go for sure!”