Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak celebrated anniversary

Беременная Ксения Собчак с размахом отметила юбилей Over the weekend the TV presenter and journalist 35 years old. Xenia celebrated this milestone anniversary a few days in a row – first with family and friends, and then together with colleagues. In addition, Sobchak did not stop to bestow luxury gifts which celebrity showed in social networks.

      Беременная Ксения Собчак с размахом отметила юбилей

      November 5 presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak celebrated its 35th anniversary. The celebrity received congratulations from loved ones. “You’re an amazing person, a reliable friend, I appreciate our long friendship and your support, always and everywhere, despite the time and circumstances,” wrote Yana Rudkovskaya in social networks. “Today is the day, when your life here is divided into before and after, in the “before” for me personally, more than a dozen years of combined experience, experiences, travel, adventures, growth, and the indispensable love and support. But I believe, there will be better times!.. Thanks, I know what you, the happiness and the unique opportunity to know what your friendship and support. And look forward to new times!.. I’m always here! Love” – shared Polina Kitsenko.

      Ksenia Sobchak has discovered the secret to a happy life in your birthday

      “Ksyushenka, happy birthday! Be healthy, your family”, shared Emmanuel Vitorgan in social networks.

      Your anniversary Ksenia noted several times. First, the star sat in a narrow circle of relatives and friends in one of the fashionable establishments of Alexander Rappoport, located in Barvikha. Famous restaurateur personally helped with the preparation of a sumptuous dinner for the birthday girl. Instead of the traditional cake on the table Xenia was the Peking duck. The waiter presented this dish Sobchak and her guests singing the birthday song in Chinese. The happy leading blew out the candles and made a wish to the applause of those present at the event. Among the guests were stars husband Maxim Vitorgan and his father Emmanuel gedeonovich. “It was very touching and enjoyable, and most importantly – delicious!” – later wrote in the microblog Ksenia.

      When it was on weekday, she celebrated the holiday with colleagues. In one of the capital’s glossy publication, which Sobchak working the chief editor, has covered about this table. Subordinates celebrity also gave her a wish Board. The star was left in awe of the party at work.

      “My wonderful “dream team”, thank you for what you have! Because you are so talented and beautiful, that the suffering “what is this p***y?” on editorial boards, and for the fact that even at two in the morning answering my texts in the group! You are the best, I love you very much and appreciate . This Board desires will hang in a place of honor, I’m touched!” – told Sobchak in Instagram.

      In addition, for several days the star was gifted with luxury gifts – flowers, expensive jewelry, design pieces and other surprises. Lucky star talked about it in social networks. “Thank you for your love” – shared much moved TV presenter and journalist.