Беременная Ксения Собчак прилетела в Сочи в облегающей майке. ФОТО The TV presenter was caught by paparazzi while walking around the hotel. Clothing Ksenia Sobchak no longer hide rounded tummy stars. The woman now returned to the contest “New wave”, the closing will take place on Friday.

      Беременная Ксения Собчак прилетела в Сочи в облегающей майке. ФОТО

      Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak returned to Sochi, where the competition of young talents “New wave”. Leading managed to fly to Moscow to visit his son’s birthday girlfriend Oksana Lavrentieva and the event Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, and then return back to the Black sea coast. Correspondents “StarHit” managed to photograph Xenia at the door of the hotel.

      The star appeared in public in jeans and a thick grey top, which could no longer disguise the rounded belly of the famous blonde. Despite the fact that the eyes of Xenia closed his sunglasses, she could not go unnoticed. In the hands of the leading bushy carried a bouquet of white roses, which probably received a gift upon arrival at the airport of Adler.

      Беременная Ксения Собчак прилетела в Сочи в облегающей майке. ФОТО

      Sobchak made a splash in Sochi at the opening ceremony of the competition. Leading appeared on the scene of the event along with Leroy Kudryavtseva, Lime, Timur Rodriguez, Alexei Vorobiev, Sergey Lazarev. In an interview with the participant of “Eurovision” Xenia hinted at his interesting position. Discussed the popular game “Pokemon-Go. “I already caught your pokemon,” said the star. – Here, no dresses won’t hide!”. Hall congratulated the star with applause. “New wave-2016: outfit Sobchak, the arrival of Ricky Martin and other surprises at the opening

      Let’s remind, that about pregnancy of Xenia began in June after her appearance on two social events in dresses, which could be seen through the rounded tummy. The star tried to hide changes to the figure under bulky clothes. Sobchak also photographed from the back or held at the belly designer bags from his collection.

      Fans leading noted that during pregnancy she seems happy and cheerful. Ksyusha from myself in shock, but changes in consciousness happened for the better, what I would like to congratulate”, “Pregnancy looks great on you! So soft, so sweet, vulnerable and elegant as always!”, “Impending motherhood changes a woman” “You’re gorgeous mom. You will madly love your child, you just don’t know how. Just like you, who did not want children, then be super moms,” say the fans of Ksenia in social networks.