Беременная Ксения Собчак спустила 50 тысяч евро на сумку The TV host added to his collection of accessories. New bag Birkin Hermès brand so interested in Ksenia Sobchak that she could not buy this cult thing. When the star is bored, a particular accessory, it is beneficial to sell it through a friend Baer.

      Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak enjoying a day with her husband Maxim Vitorgan on the island of Sardinia in Italy. Leading shares in his vivid snapshots of traveling. Before leaving, one of the most fashionable countries Sobchak fill your wardrobe with stylish new autumn-winter and also purchased a few handbags from the latest collections.

      Pregnant tummy Ksenia Sobchak caused a stir in the Network

      “StarHit” learned that Sobchak became a happy owner of the iconic bags of the brand Hermès Birkin. By the way, this is not the first accessory known brand in the collection of the presenter.

      “I bought a bag from one Baer Eugenia. She orders Sobchak. Eugene pulls out the rare accessories that usual fashionista over the years stand in a queue. Xenia ordered her ten pieces of Hermès bags, and its through her sold. When the presenter is annoying thing, she is freed from her at a good price. Recently, Sobchak asked Eugene to find her a crocodile Birkin with accessories made of pure gold. These made only to order, and the cost is about 50 thousand Euro, – has told “StarHit” business-woman Alena Sovenko.

      Ksenia Sobchak has never hidden his love for expensive things. The presenter considered one of the most modern and stylish of stars. Famous blonde often appears in designer outfits her friend Ulyana Sergeenko, which offers a collection of clothes within the fashion Week in Paris. The presenter also often shows in his suits other brands of class “luxury”, which take pride of place in her wardrobe. Recently Sobchak prefers large outfits, because they do not want to publicize their pregnancy.

      By the way, for many women, Ksenia was a real example. Some are interested in social networks, where a woman bought a new pair of boots or dress, others try to be like her, so they attend workshops presenter, “Theory of success”.

      “She was pleasantly surprised by the discrepancy between the on-screen image of some glamorous diva she appeared before a closed audience: intelligent, clever, responsible. From the point of view of information I remember these items: 1. Learn from the best. 2. Be responsible always. People will notice it. 3. Pick a business, work hard three years and if return no, drop it safely. But during this time don’t spare yourself,” said one of the attendees of the master class Sobchak. Star tips: teach women Ksenia Sobchak, Anna Semenovich

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