Беременная Кристина Асмус проболталась о новом мужчине
30-year-old Christina Asmus fresh photo blog has confirmed the rumors that is expecting her second child.

Беременная Кристина Асмус проболталась о новом мужчине

The quality of the outfit selects Kristina costumes peplum, which cover gently rising tummy.
Fans of the actress also discussed the fact, that the picture of Christina posing with a handsome man. It appeared to be an American actor Casper Wines Dean.

“Yesterday I was tsnelisi in “Oracle: the Game blindly”, where my main partner is the beautiful Casper Wines Dean. One of the most professional and comfortable partners in my life! @caspervandien”
– wrote Christina in the blog.

Many of the comments respond that the beauty Asmus this man “went” would be much more than less handsome Garik Kharlamov.

But we remember that the man should be a little nicer monkeys. Or do You disagree?

PS not saying that I agree with this expression, interested in your opinion.

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