Pregnant Kim Marina “threw” gifts

Беременную Марину Ким «забросали» подарками
The presenter gave a party “Baby shower” before the birth

Беременную Марину Ким «забросали» подарками

Marina Kim

Photo: Ekaterina Boyko

Marina Kim, who is now in the ninth month of pregnancy,
organized a celebration for the future baby. In Russia the party “baby shower”
(infant rain) practiced rarely, and to the West is an event of almost
definitely! It lies in the fact that shortly before childbirth expectant mother
invites her friends who come bearing gifts for the future
child and mother, “showering” them with gifts. Marina, as the man who
it often happens abroad, besides to give birth is going to America, I decided to try to enter
the fashion for such a holiday in Russia. But in contrast to Western “baby shower”, which, as a rule,
held in a modest home, Marina, rented a restaurant, but still
and the gifts presented. Your party Kim called “a Boy or
girl?”, that is, participants tried to guess who was born
presenter. The fact that Marina herself still doesn’t know the sex of the baby.

Беременную Марину Ким «забросали» подарками

Marina Kim with her daughter Brianas

Photo: Ekaterina Boyko

“When I first went to the doctor, I was told that
it’s a boy — shared with
Marina. — A little later an ultrasound showed a girl, and the third time again the boy said.
In the end, I decided that I will no longer ask the sex of the baby. By the way, during
the first pregnancy, the doctors also said that it will be a boy, and when I gave birth to a girl,
at first I was very upset. Now, looking at brianna not a bit sorry that
me my daughter.”

They say that if the expectant mother does not lose its beauty in
pregnancy — it’s a boy. Looking at the Marina, which is pregnancy
made even more beautiful, the guests still made a bet on the boy.

That Marina Kim is expecting her second child, she told on
the shooting of the project “Without insurance”.

“I was so passionate about the workout that didn’t notice
the pregnancy! — told Marina. — Found out about it, when all the rooms were prepared,
even a little bit was a shame. While continued training, for each room
consulted with doctors, that you can do, and what not, it turned out that nothing
impossible. I decided that further risk is not worth it”.

About who is the father of the unborn child, Marina is to say not ready.
By the way, dad, his eldest daughter, the TV presenter also Briany carefully
hides. But six months ago in a candid interview with the magazine “7 Days” Marina told
about a romantic relationship with Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner, with
whom she met in 2011 at a party to celebrate the New
of the year in the Caribbean.

Marina Kim and Brett, Ratner

Photo: Philip Goncharov

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