Pregnant Kate Middleton is “reincarnated” Princess Diana

Беременная Кейт Миддлтон «перевоплотилась» в принцессу Диану The wife of Prince William visited the traditional social event organized by the British Queen. At a private event Middleton shone at the jewelry lady Di and Queen Elizabeth II. Fans of Kate wrote her a lot of compliments.
Беременная Кейт Миддлтон «перевоплотилась» в принцессу Диану

Last evening at Buckingham Palace hosted a reception for diplomats, which traditionally holds Elizabeth II before Christmas. A black tie event was attended by many representatives of the Royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton. The event is usually held in a proprietary format – it is not allowed journalists. So fans of Kate have to settle for snapshots of favorite, done.

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared on the evening in a luxurious evening toilet. The wife of the heir to the British throne shone in bright attire, and costly ornaments, the favorite tiara and earrings from Princess Diana, and the necklace Elizabeth II.

Fans of Middleton was delighted with her appearance. According to them, the wife of the heir to the British throne has great taste and always looks flawless. A lot of people compare the Duchess of Cambridge to Princess Diana. “Awesome”, “the Future Queen of the country”, “Elegant”, “Great pair” – commented the users of social networks.

Previously Kate Middleton wore the tiara of Princess Diana in July. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a jeweled headpiece for a state dinner at Buckingham Palace in honor of the king of Spain.

First wife of Prince William appeared in the tiara Diana in December of last year – at the next diplomatic evening Elizabeth II. Then Middleton chose not white and blue dress made of lace.

The famous headdress of Princess Diana, sprinkled with diamonds and pear-shaped pearls, was created in 1914 for his wife wife of George V. Then, the tiara was inherited members of the Royal family. In 1981, Diana received the tiara as a gift from Elizabeth II.

Recall that Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing for the replenishment of the family. For the first time about the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge became known in early December. Representatives of Kensington Palace released an official statement in which he shared good news. They also reported that Middleton, as during the previous two pregnancies, suffer from a severe form of morning sickness. Therefore, the choice of William was forced to limit his appearances. Apparently, now Kate feels much better. Pregnant Kate Middleton came out in a slinky evening dress