Беременная Кейт Миддлтон планирует отказаться от услуг роддома This spring, the family of the Duke of Cambridge expected completion. According to rumors, Kate Middleton is having twins, however, these data are not confirmed officially. Recently, sources close to the Royal family revealed the plans of lady William.

36-year-old Kate Middleton is preparing for the replenishment of the family. In April the Duchess of Cambridge will become a mother for the third time. Early on the wife of Prince William was plagued with a severe form of morning sickness, so she restricted her appearances. Now, however, Middleton appears regularly in public. Fans of the Royal family say that she looks amazing.

Since Kate and her husband William refrained from commenting on the preparations for the long-awaited event, the public can only hope for the accuracy of the information that appears in the press. Recently, insiders report that Middleton allegedly has no plans to go to the hospital. So reporters will have to watch not at St. Mary’s hospital, where there was the charming George and Charlotte, and near one of the residences of the Royal family.

“Catherine told friends that she wants to give birth at home. She had already discussed this with William, and he supported her in that decision. They both like the idea. In addition, it will allow you to avoid the massive hype around the walls of the hospital,” said an informed source close to Middleton.

It is worth noting that she is the wife of Prince William was not the first member of the Royal family, has refused services of the hospital. The Queen of England was born in London residence of her grandfather, her sons were born in Buckingham Palace, and the daughter Anna – in the Klarens-house.

Earlier, the Duchess of Cambridge delighted the public with new photos 2.5-year-old Charlotte. Kate allowed the publication of pictures of the child. At the beginning of 2018 the girl went to nursery school in Kensington. Close Charlotte decided that she needed to be home less and to communicate more with their peers. Social media users were delighted from the frames, which captures the heiress of Prince William. Many people believe that it increases a copy of the great-grandmother of Elizabeth II.

Recall that the daughter of Kate and William was born in may of 2015, and the senior couple’s child was born in July 2013. In September last year, Prince George first went to school. William himself took the child to class. Near the entrance of the members of the Royal family met the principal of the school Helen Haslam, which helped the boy to navigate in a new place. Kate Middleton missed an important day for the baby because he suffered from ailments caused by pregnancy. William, like other parents, was allowed to attend the trial day. “Everything went great,” he shared later impressions at a reception at the Royal Palace.