Беременная Кейт Миддлтон уходит в декретный отпуск The wife of Prince William is going to pause in their flurry of activity. A few weeks later she again will become a mother. As reported to journalists by the representatives of Kensington Palace, soon Kate Middleton intends to focus on the family.
Беременная Кейт Миддлтон уходит в декретный отпуск

From that moment I became aware of the pregnancy of the wife of Prince William, she attended dozens of events. Fans of Duchess of Cambridge say that she looks beautiful. As it turned out, at the end of March Middleton is planning to take a break from the stormy social activities. On Thursday the journalists said the representative of Kensington Palace.

How long will the maternity leave Middleton, is not specified. A joyful event in the life of the Duchess of Cambridge happens roughly on April 23.

“Today’s public appearances of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the last before Her Royal Highness will take a leave of absence for pregnancy and childbirth” – quoted in the British media the statement of the representative of Kensington Palace.
Беременная Кейт Миддлтон уходит в декретный отпуск

On Thursday Kate and William have scheduled a meeting with the Trustees and wards of the charity SportsAid. It will be held in the Olympic Park, located in the East of London. The press service of Kensington Palace reported that the couple will take part in the quiz along with the athletes, coaches and all who support them. After that, Kate and William will watch a basketball game, and then go to the community center of St. Luke, where they will prepare meals for special events.

The wedding of William’s brother Harry will take place on may 19. It is expected that Kate Middleton, which at that time will again become a mother, will be among the guests of honor. Foreign journalists suggest that the Duchess of Cambridge is unlikely to miss such an important event. Court around, Middleton found a common language with the bride Harry – star of TV series “suits” Meghan Markle. The actress several times appeared in public with Kate and William. Markle has a wonderful sense of style than competes with Middleton.

That the Duchess of Cambridge plans to be a mother again, it was officially announced in September of last year. Then Kate Middleton had to limit the appearances, as she was suffering from toxemia. Conflicting information about the health of wife of Prince William, is regularly covered in the press, not a little alarmed the public. After a while Kate felt much better and resumed participation in social life. In October, the Middleton made a splash at the reception of the Royal family. The woman shone in a blue dress decorated with lace.

Pregnant Kate Middleton appeared in public after a disturbing message

According to rumors, Kate and William are expecting twins. Whether this is so is anyone’s guess. The couple has two children – George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Беременная Кейт Миддлтон уходит в декретный отпуск