Беременная Кейт Миддлтон впервые вышла в свет с невестой принца Гарри Star of TV series “suits” Meghan Markle visited the Christmas service at the private estate of Elizabeth II in the County of Norfolk, in Eastern England. Social media users are unanimous: the actress looks amazing.
Беременная Кейт Миддлтон впервые вышла в свет с невестой принца Гарри

On the eve of the representatives of the British Royal family arrived at the Christmas service in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham. The bride of Prince Harry, actress Meghan Markle for the first time celebrated in the company of pretenders to the throne. The star of the show “Force majeure” appeared in public in a light milky coat, beige Bertha and boots on a stable heel. Megan complements your way round a bag and a hat of original design.

Pregnant Kate Middleton gave preference to darker shades. The wife of Prince William posed for photographers in a plaid red-and-green coat to accentuate her changing shape. The image of Middleton was completed with a black fur hat in the Russian style.

Beloved grandchildren of Elizabeth II looked terrific. Social media users began to compare the style of Middleton and Markle, and also calculated how much the young women cost public appearance. As is well known to the public, they both choose the premium brands. According to the fans of the Royal family, the robe, the wife of William spent about three thousand pounds, three times more than beloved Harry.

Many Internet users agreed that Meghan Markle has demonstrated a great sense of style, proving that can compete in this area with a recognized fashion icon Kate Middleton. Fans of the actress had studied her image to repeat in the future.

By the way, for appearance Markle notes real professional – fashion expert Jessica Marleni working with the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada, Sophie Gregoire. It cooperates with Megan for about six years. Influenced by actress Jessica started to copy the style of a typical British middle class. Markle refused and provocative mini cut-outs, which gave preference to even just two years ago. Now the star of the series “Force majeure” selects the MIDI length and Maxi and calm, muted shades. Fans of the Royal family noticed that periodically copies the Markle like Middleton.

Recall that the wedding of Prince Harry and an American actress on may 19, 2018. The wedding ceremony of lovers will be held in the chapel of St. George, located on the territory of Windsor castle. Since then, as a couple officially announced their engagement, the public interest in the Meghan Markle has increased markedly. Each appearance of the bride, Harry, the light becomes a cause for heated discussions. British journalists believe that Queen Elizabeth II approved the choice of the grandson. Not so long ago, Markle called for an indoor Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, which was actually recognized by his Royal family. The bride of Prince Harry debuted a black tie event, which was organized by Elizabeth II