Pregnant Kate Middleton came out in a slinky evening dress

Беременная Кейт Миддлтон вышла в свет в обтягивающем вечернем платье The Duchess of Cambridge attended an event organized by the Center of Anna Freud. Recently Kate Middleton increasingly appears in public. Elegant outfit, who chose the wife of Prince William, did not hide the changes in her figure.
Беременная Кейт Миддлтон вышла в свет в обтягивающем вечернем платье

35-year-old Kate Middleton is preparing an article of a mother for the third time. Due to severe morning sickness the Duchess of Cambridge at the time limited their public appearances. Probably now Middleton is feeling much better. Recently Kate attended a gala dinner of the Center of Anna Freud in London. That’s about a year Middleton supports the activities of the organization, which is engaged in the research and treatment of psychiatric problems in children and adolescents.

The wife of Prince William appeared before the public in a long black dress Diane von Furstenberg decorated with lace. Many have found that Kate looked terrific. The Duchess of Cambridge smiled a lot and willingly posed for photographers. Guests of the evening gave Middleton a compliment.

Bodycon style dress lady heir to the British throne did not hide the changes in her figure. Kate Middleton came out with a noticeably rounded belly. By the way, exactly the same dress wife of Prince William has put on a concert of the Royal Variety Performance in November 2014. Then Kate was also in an interesting position, waiting for Charlotte.

Беременная Кейт Миддлтон вышла в свет в обтягивающем вечернем платье

According to rumors, the Duchess of Cambridge may become the mother of two girls. Representatives of the Royal family prefer to refrain from comment on the matter. It is therefore possible that the data spread in the tabloids are not true.

“Kate and William have come up with names for future princesses. For inspiration they wrote the names of their ancestors from the house of Windsor. The couple make a list of names like that to both of them. It is definitely known that among them are Victoria, Alice, Olivia, Alexander and Elizabeth,” the insider assured foreign journalists.

Other sources close to William and Kate told reporters that the couple had a conflict with Elizabeth II. Due to the fact that pregnant Middleton has decided to limit its activities that allegedly strongly dissatisfied. “It is surprising that William dared to contradict her. He said to the Queen that Kate is hard to carry out their duties and he supports a wife. The conversation was very cool,” – says informed people, who wished to remain anonymous.

Recall that for the first time about her third pregnancy, Kate Middleton became known in early September. Then in the official account of Kensington Palace there is a message stating that the Duchess of Cambridge is in an interesting position. Because of morning sickness Middleton has had to cease actively to engage in social activities. Fiancee of Prince William has canceled several trips and chose to stay in the residence. In October Kate came out after a long break. The young woman made a splash at a reception at Buckingham Palace. Pregnant Kate Middleton appeared in public after a disturbing message

Беременная Кейт Миддлтон вышла в свет в обтягивающем вечернем платье