Pregnant Kate Middleton appeared in public after a disturbing message

Беременная Кейт Миддлтон появилась на публике после тревожных сообщений The Duchess of Cambridge made a splash at the reception of the Royal family. Recently Kate Middleton posing for photographers infrequently. Fiancee of Prince William, who is preparing for the completion of the family suffers from a severe form of morning sickness, so should limit their activities.

Kate Middleton for the first time appeared in public after the announcement of the upcoming addition to the family. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William and his brother Harry gave a reception at Buckingham Palace. Representatives of the Royal family met with people working in the field of mental health in the UK.

Fans of Middleton found that she looked amazing. The woman was resplendent in a long blue dress decorated with lace. Kate complements your look with a black clutch and pumps to match. Fiancee of Prince William is on a very small point in the pregnancy, so its interesting position yet imperceptibly.

Apparently, Kate has become much better than before. It is known that the Duchess of Cambridge suffering from morning sickness, so the members of the Royal family announced that she has limited her appearances. Now some fans Middleton suggest that she is gradually returning to business as usual, but whether this is so is anyone’s guess. According to insiders foreign journalists, the woman still complains of discomfort. Despite health problems, Middleton, as said informed sources, was pleased to participate in the event.

Prince William spoke at the reception with a speech, telling about the success of charitable organizations dealing with mental health issues. Among the guests of the Royal family was a well-known British actor Stephen fry, who also addressed those present.

That Kate Middleton and Prince William will become parents for the third time, announced in early September. As during previous pregnancies, Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from a severe form of morning sickness that causes nausea, dehydration and is characterized by a rejection of food. From the moment the couple decided to inform the public the good news that Middleton refrained from visiting various events. It is expected that the happy event in the family of William and Kate will occur in March 2018.

When social media users found out about Kate’s diagnosis, they began to worry about her condition. It was rumored that Middleton wanted to prescribe nutrition intravenously. Some have even suggested, though the woman have to lie on conservation. Not long ago Prince William reassured the public, saying that his fiancee feels better. In the press there have been disturbing and contradictory information about the state of Kate Middleton