Pregnant Kate Gordon left the show “the Voice”

Беременная Катя Гордон покинула шоу «Голос» In the new edition of the popular project at the celebrity was the fight with Leroy Gehner. Mentors of the program liked the performance of both performers, however, Dima Bilan made his choice not in favor of Kati. Gordon thanked everyone who helped her and wished good luck ler.

      36-year-old presenter and singer Katya Gordon left the project “the Voice” after the fight with 45-year-old Leroy Gehner. In the new edition of the woman performed the song on poems by Anna Akhmatova “ill be as follows”. For her appearance on the stage, Gordon chose dangling earrings and long white dress with bare shoulders. A celebrity was very gentle and romantic. Gehner, by contrast, chose a dress of dark shade. Her style was more classic and restrained.

      “Ladies, was played delightfully, just like it should, perfect. This, of course, song is not singing, she should not have been singing. And if you God forbid have begun to do, we wouldn’t have enjoyed it. So a huge thank you for the room. The poems are beautiful, they were the two women lived different destinies,” said Leonid Agutin. Grigory Leps said that everything was brilliant, Kate and Lera sang very soulful. Polina Gagarina also liked the performance of Gordon and Gehner, especially the actress said the first singer.

      But the coach had to choose one artist of the two. Bilan made his choice in favor of Lera Gehner. Prior to that, he praised the efforts of Kathy Gordon. In his opinion, the woman is a great performer. Dima also thanked her for her trust. “Kate, I’m sincere 150%. You know the word, sensitive and well able to dissect in my life,” shared the actor. He also explained his decision to leave Leroy.

      “Just because this image of the man who will continue to be in my team, I lived for a long time”, – explained his action by the mentor Gordon Dima Bilan.

      After that, Kate and Lera embraced and, apparently, wished each other good luck. Dmitry Nagiyev told Gordon that participation in the project enabled to reveal her as a singer. He also advised the woman not to stop and noticed that she’s a good performer. In turn, Kate thanked the mentors of “the Voice”.

      “Here I met people who gave me the right to be themselves on stage. I really got a lot, thank you so much,” – said Katia Gordon.

      Recall also that not so long ago it became known about the interesting position of Katya Gordon. Now a celebrity is on the fifth month of pregnancy. The woman tries not to talk about the father of her child. According to Katya that he is not a public person. Kate Gordon spoke about the father of the second child