Pregnant ISA Dolmatovo plagued by allergies

Беременную Айзу Долматову мучают приступы аллергии The doctors put the mother on a strict diet. Due to health problems ISA Dolmatova had to contact the experts of one of the hospitals in Bali. Now for diet of the stars personally following her husband Dmitry Anokhin.

      Беременную Айзу Долматову мучают приступы аллергии

      The ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Dolmatova few weeks the second time will become a mother. The young woman is incredibly happy and with great pleasure and joy awaits the arrival of his son on the light. However, almost all pregnancy ISA is accompanied by troubles associated with her health.

      And although most young mother feels great and is trying to lead an active life, the time in her microblog still there are complaints of feeling unwell. Yesterday, for example, ISA Dolmatova told about tormenting her Allergy attacks. They were so strong that the young woman, concerned for the condition of the baby, went, accompanied by her husband Dmitry Anokhin to the doctor.

      “Broke down and drove to the hospital. The baby is all good, but they put me on a strict diet, as I expected. Nothing starchy foods, sweet, salty, spicy, milky, greasy, no sausages, sausages, ham (though it and so didn’t eat any sauces. And so to the end of life. The food from the list of joys of life had, will be coming up with new dishes,” wrote ISA Dolmatova in the microblog.

      To follow diet star took her husband and the father of the unborn child Dmitry Anokhin. A man prepares himself his wife and cooking her blessed ISA ecstatic.

      Kind in the ISA, pending the birth of a baby, not only her husband, but a son from her marriage with rapper Body Sam. The son of a pregnant ISA Dolmatova distracts her from her illness Not long ago a pregnant woman got sick, her temperature rose, and she for several days had lain in bed. Sam all this time showed tender care for mom. Trying to distract her from the sad thoughts, the son was reading the ISA children’s stories.

      Беременную Айзу Долматову мучают приступы аллергии

      Dolmatova’m sure Sam will be a great big brother and will love the new family member. “The nanny for the baby we already have. As he waits for the brother. My son knows how to love! And I admire this trait of his character,” – said ISA on Twitter, sharing a picture, on which Sam strokes her tummy, trying to feel inside the mother the baby move.

      By the way, ISA Dolmatova not so long ago admitted that during the first pregnancy experienced such overwhelming happiness, as it is now. Wait for a second baby, despite some difficulties, gives her far more pleasure. “Then I belly did not show, thought it was so ugly, and now I can’t stop looking at him, – told the expectant mother. – Constantly communicate with the baby, caress him and wait for his attacks. Conscious motherhood is another. I used to think that pregnancy is so hard and so ugly, although the first trimester is of course the horror full. But even more beautiful, loved and cherished I never felt never.

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