Pregnant ISA Dolmatova unhappy with the appearance

Беременная Айза Долматова недовольна внешним видом Business woman not like clothes for moms-to-be. Little tummy’s makes her wear the customary outfits. ISA Dolmatova told not only about the change in the expectation of the child, but about inner feelings.

      Беременная Айза Долматова недовольна внешним видом

      Business woman ISA Dolmatova pleased its fans the great news: soon her family will have a second child. Now a celebrity in the fourth month of pregnancy. Despite the fact that ISA is in happy anticipation of the baby, there are some things that upset her. So, she’s upset about his appearance.

      “Dressing up has become much more difficult. Maternity clothes I do not recognize. So I just find different versions in the vast “Instagram”! Although this dress would look much better if I were back in his XS. But with good pot belly”, told about their problems Dolmatova all subscribers.

      “Tummy even more beautiful!” unison claimed many fans of ISA, for whom pregnancy celebrity was a real surprise. Dolmatova a long time declared that, though repeatedly said that he dreams about her daughter.

      Dolmatova now feels the changes are not only external but also internal. Despite the fact that she began to perceive all too close to heart, the future mother tries hard to protect itself from negative emotions. Especially because next to it there is a loving person who always supports her.

      “We are, pregnant, repeatedly called inadequate, mentally ill. I’m sure among you have such and you understand how it’s weird when you can’t control yourself. Pregnancy is a as a tablet, amplifying emotions. When you do good, you’re happy in 27182837 times stronger, but if you were offended, then all the end of the world. Saves only one – the embrace of a husband and a conversation with my children. To be a family, to be loved by his family – that’s what I need,” said Dolmatov.

      Recall that now the ISA also has a son from his first marriage with rapper Guf Sam. But now, in anticipation of a child going through Dolmatova how to treat her eldest child is the heir.

      “I’m constantly in fear of losing the love, especially my son. I hope, it will soon pass”, – said the businesswoman.

      But excessive emotionality has led to what is now Dolmatova began to share the news of her pregnancy with fans. She describes in great detail his feelings of being in an interesting position. Subscribers also surprised by the fact that the Dolmatova is going to go on a journey. Itself the celebrity did not disclose all the secrets, more intriguing their fans.

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