Беременная Айза Анохина рассмотрела лицо будущего малыша Star came to the conclusion that the son is like his dad. ISA Anokhin went to Moscow on 3D ultrasound, during which was able for the first time to see his child. Ex-wife of rapper Guf in about a month the second time will become a mother.

      The ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Anokhina few weeks the second time will become a mother. The young woman is incredibly happy and with great pleasure and joy awaits the arrival of his son on the light.

      Not long ago, the ISA along with his son Sam and second husband Vladimir Anaheim returned to Moscow from Bali, where the family lived the last few months. In the capital of the expectant mother immediately went to the doctors to make sure that her baby will be born healthy. Star managed not only to find out that her child is well developed, but to see his face. About it with great admiration ISA Anokhin told subscribers microblog.

      “Was on the ultrasound, and our baby for the first time showed his face in 3D. And he dad went, does not like to pose. And we are so happy with Dima, because our boy is so healthy and beautiful”, – shared the expectant mother.

      Fans Anokhina happy for her, they want ISA easy delivery and happiness to her heir, whom she awaits, enjoying each day. Pregnant ISA Dolmatova basking on the beach in a bikini

      By the way, the star not so long ago admitted that during the first pregnancy experienced such overwhelming happiness, as it is now. “Then I belly did not show, thought it was so ugly, and now I can’t stop looking at him – shared the expectant mother. – Constantly communicate with the baby, caress him and wait for his attacks. Conscious motherhood is another. I used to think that pregnancy is so hard and so ugly, although the first trimester is of course the horror full. But even more beautiful, loved and cherished I never felt never.

      In his revelations about the pregnancy ISA Anokhina often mentions of her husband, the father of the baby, Dmitry Anokhin. He tenderly cares for his pregnant wife Pets her delicious dishes. ISA, who has found happiness in a second marriage, says his relationship with my husband perfect.

      “Dima was sent to me by God, I am madly in love with my husband,” said celebrity in an interview. I thought that I can love like that. In our relationship there is this monstrosity of scandals, jealousy, obscure optics. I do not care where he is and with whom, I trust my husband.”

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