Беременная Ирина Шейк показала на пляже уже солидный животик
Bradley Cooper gave his beloved a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Беременная Ирина Шейк показала на пляже уже солидный животик

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

Irina Shayk, who is expecting a baby from her fiance Bradley Cooper,
finally stopped hiding from the paparazzi for quite a large tummy. In
the end, the reporters managed to make a series of images of a pregnant model next to Cooper. Photographers captured the couple in California
the beach, where the 31-year-old Shake and 41-year-old Cooper spent February 14. These photos
published website justjared.com

Cooper, despite his busy schedule, managed to find time to organize
for favorite romantic picnic on Valentine’s Day. The holiday of all lovers
Irina and her fiancé spent on the ocean, soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh
sea air. Because this day was not too hot, Shayk did not dare
to strip down to a bathing suit. But tempered Cooper dared to take my top off
showing your pumped up press. And when Irina was hungry,
caring fiance got her meal at a nearby café. And
the lovers had lunch right on the ocean.

The couple’s child should be born pretty soon:
late may — early June. Shake, accompanied by the groom regularly, as is the
expected, visiting the doctor and undergoes
through the procedure of ultrasound. Although, as said a friend of the model, future parents
already know the gender of their baby, to publicize the fact they do not intend to.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Irina became known in late November,
when she appeared on the catwalk in Paris, showcasing underwear from the new collection. In mid-December, Cooper did shake the offer and presented a gorgeous ring with an emerald surrounded by diamonds. As for the wedding, how
hinted to Irina, it’ll be after the baby is born — at the end of this summer.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper