Pregnant Irina Shayk married

Беременная Ирина Шейк выходит замуж

Actor Bradley Cooper has already made the supermodels offer. It remains only to determine the date.

30-year-old Irina Shayk and 41-year-old actor Bradley Cooper Dating more than a year, and recently and did not hide their feelings. And as it turns out, is no accident. It became known that the winter holidays celebrities will be in one of the tropical countries, together with their relatives, where, most likely, will appoint the exact date of the ceremony. Moreover, Cooper has already prepared Shake Christmas present – an engagement ring, according to the publication E! News.

By the way, the last time fans of supermodels noticed that she shines with joy and is always smiling. Look at her latest photos in social networks!

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In addition, the recent secular party around noticed that Irina is noticeably rounded in the abdomen. Some have claimed that the star is pregnant, while others have relied on poorly chosen dress. Shake left the news without attention (read more here). However, in a recent interview, she stated that they are ready to become a mother soon, and all the relatives from Russia to hurry with this. In our country, unlike Hollywood, as we know, have taken as early as possible.

For Irina Shayk marriage with Bradley Cooper will be the first. Before meeting him, she, recall, for five years met with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but before the wedding, it never came, for unknown reasons, the young people broke up.

While Bradley Cooper for four months he was married to actress Jennifer Esposito. After he met with stars such as Zoe Saldana, Renee Zellweger and Sookie Waterhouse.