Беременная Хилария Болдуин пожаловалась на мужа
The actress is a little tired from their brats.

Беременная Хилария Болдуин пожаловалась на мужа

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria


The wife of 59-year-old Alec Baldwin that very soon
should give him a fourth child, spoke on the distribution
responsibilities in the family. As admitted Hilaria, she morning to evening
working with children, and when he tries to persuade her husband to help her, he always
responds the same way: “You are the mother, so keep them in you, and I will come
to read them a bedtime story…”

“I know we share a difference in age
in as many as 26 years. So inevitably we have different ideas about parenting.
Alec refers to the old school, so I find it easier to get help from my
mother. But it is not always free. But I have a hard time, and I honestly
speaking, already sick of being pregnant and to do, at the same time, with three children… ” — admitted
34-year-old Mrs. Baldwin. But in the time when they first met
Alec, according to Hilary was just obsessed with the desire to have children.

Recall, Alex and Hilaria began Dating in
2011, and a year later they were married. During this time the wife of Baldwin bore him
a daughter and two sons. Senior Carmen is now four
and a half years, to Raphael — two and a half, and the youngest, Leonardo is only 18
months. In addition, Baldwin is still
eldest — 28 – year-old daughter Ireland, from his first
marriage to Kim Basinger.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria with children

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