Беременная возлюбленная олигарха Николая Саркисова старательно следит за фигурой Ilona Catalog will soon become a mother for the second time. Fiancee Nikolai Sarkisov admitted that strongly recovered after the first childbirth. Now she’s watching her diet and adheres to a particular regime.

In October last year a young lass oligarch Nikolai Sarkisov Ilona Catalog first became a mother. 24-year-old girl gave 49-year-old chosen a charming boy Alexander. However, recently it became known that the couple will be born another child. Ilona happy that her son appears brother or sister. Oligarch Nikolay Sarkisov christened son

Catalog told subscribers about how watching their own weight during pregnancy. She did not hide the fact that the expectation of the firstborn noticeably changed her figure, but after a short period of time she was able to return to the previous form. Now Ilona carefully monitors the weight and balanced nutrition.

“The first pregnancy was much harder, for five months, gained about 10 pounds, and all about 35. After birth, almost all dropped. Now only 2 kg. Eating good, when I have time. Eat meat rarely, fish rarely. Sleep for 7-9 hours,” said Ilona.

Subscribers are very pleased that the family of Ilona and Nicholas will be born another child. They continue to congratulate the couple and have even begun to guess, who is waiting for a young woman – a boy or a girl.

“Congratulations. You big umnichka. Your family is an example to many, very happy for you”, “I also think that a girl! Oh, well, then Kohl’s will generally be in seventh heaven from happiness! Spoil will be incredible!”, “Ilincic, pretty unrealistic, and it is seen that pregnant! You look great,” wrote a follower.

In the microblog Ilona tells the story of how her son is growing. Loving parents carry the baby to rest in prestigious resorts. Also like most mothers, Catalog shares problems faced by the child and asking advice from subscribers.

For the owner of the insurance company “RESO-Garantia” Nikolai Sarkisov, this will be the fifth child. Three children he gave to ex-wife Julia Lyubechansky. This spring, the woman talked about the fact that Ilona, in all its copies. According to ex-spouses, young model even dared to discuss it in social networks. Moreover, she admitted that the children even try not to worry dad, your calls, and she had long ceased to count on financial assistance to the former chosen one. The ex-wife of oligarch Sarkisova made scandal, his new beloved