Pregnant girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo gave his first interview

Беременная возлюбленная Криштиану Роналду дала первое интервью
For a long time about the personal life of the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo almost nothing was known.

Беременная возлюбленная Криштиану Роналду дала первое интервью

But in recent months, the news about the athlete appear with surprising regularity.

At first it was reported that Cristiano had an affair with model Georgina Rodriguez, and then all began to discuss an interesting situation beloved athlete, and then became aware of the birth of Cristiano twins from a surrogate mother.

And now for the first time Georgina had decided to speak to journalists and to tell about his life.

“I’m really a family man. Love children, animals and nature. I have a cat, he’s three, he’s my best friend. I like to surround myself with people that inspire me every day to become better, and they give me positive emotions.
I like to take care of themselves. For me it is important to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. I try to eat only organic food, avoid anything that brings a sense of gravity. I’m not on a strict diet, allow yourself breaks from time to time. Life would be very boring if we hadn’t allowed himself little prank!”, — says the girl.

I hope the athlete will be able to maintain relationships with his girlfriend and after birth.

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