Беременная Галина Юдашкина улетела рожать в США The daughter of a famous couturier went abroad. The first-born Galina Yudashkina and Peter Maksakova was born in a clinic in new York. Now a young woman spends time on the Sunny coast with her son Anatoly.

This spring, the family of the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin expected important event – the daughter of a fashion designer Galina will become a mother for the second time. Despite the interesting position, the young woman continues to work. It also pays maximum attention to the son of Anatolia, which came to light in April 2016.Galina Yudashkin complained about the difficulties of her second pregnancy

Recently Galina flew to the US with your child. She is now sharing pictures from the Sunny coast.

“My husband was so glad the beach, the sand and the sun!”- said Yudashkin fans on the social network.

The followers were happy that the daughter of a couturier is going through a harsh winter in a warm climate. “If you are there, you will soon be four. Galina, relax and enjoy!”, “How nice of you sweetheart”, “From winter to summer is like a fairytale!”, “I wish you good rest and good mood” – glad subscribers.

Apparently, the second heir Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov, too, will be born in the United States. When it came time to birth of first child of the couple, the young woman flew overseas just for the survey. Despite the fact that she chose the hospital, the doctor dissuaded her from a transatlantic flight, as he feared for her health. In the end, the boy was born in a clinic in new York.

Many subscribers assume that celebrities give birth in the United States, the child immediately became an American citizen. However, Galina’s mother Marina told me that in respect of the first child they saw quite different developments. “The family Council decided that the grandson is bound to be a Russian, despite the fact that came to light in America,” – said Yudashkin two years ago. The boy was named after his grandfather Maksakova – diplomat Anatoly Dobrynin. Peter himself is now engaged in business.

Now Galina continues to work, even while on an impressive pregnancy. She’s happy doing what he likes as art Director for the fashion House his father.

“This time, pregnancy goes by very fast, favorite son, many activities and events in the fashion House, flights, trips, even the morning sickness passed. The most active work is just ahead!”- said Yudashkin fans.