Pregnant Galina Bob is preparing for plastic surgery

Беременная Галина Боб готовится к пластической операции The actress intends to change appearance. Galina Bob, which will soon become second time mom, these days not only thinking about the upcoming birth. The star of the series “Deffchonki” visited the plastic surgeon. Fans are surprised, because they think the artist is a perfect appearance.

      Беременная Галина Боб готовится к пластической операции

      Actress Galina Bob, known for her role of Masha Babyccino in the TV series “Deffchonki”, is preparing a second time to become a mother. Baby star and her husband Sergei Koryagina will be born in April. The star of the series “Deffchonki” Galina Bob is expecting her second child

      However, being on a pretty impressive pregnancy Galina Bob, not in his talks about his condition and prepare for the upcoming birth. The star shared with followers the news that she met a renowned plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan to discuss preparations for the forthcoming operation.

      However, intervention for Galina Bob as rather a necessary, than the desire to improve their appearance. The expectant mother admitted that she had a deviated septum, causing difficult breathing, which is especially strongly felt during pregnancy.

      “Gayk Pavlovic Babayan kind-hearted man and best plastic surgeon of All Russia, wrote Galina Bob and co the with a specialist. – However, it does not need advertisement and recommendations… Turn to him for surgery in district hospitals. I was shocked when I snuck to his office. I just also need to fix the nasal septum”.

      However, not all subscribers Galina Bob correctly understood the message and immediately began to dissuade the actress from the plastic surgery, claiming that she is beautiful and her appearance does not need any adjustments. “You’re so pretty!” – make the star compliments fans.

      By the way, during pregnancy, Galina Bob said about himself also as a singer. In November she gave her first solo concert on the stage of one of the capital’s clubs. After the birth of her second child Galina plans to continue her solo program. “I can’t sleep, and somewhere deep in me sing jingle bells. These bells are singing in me all the time, and I want to do something, to create and enjoy everything that happens around”, said Bob.

      We will remind that Galina Bob and Sergei Koryagin already raising one child. The couple grows a charming little boy named Leo. The kid, on 20 March will be two years. Parents adore their first child and trying to spoil him. On the first day of his son’s birth they gave him a real feast, inviting celebration of friends, and cooks have created a confectionary masterpiece based on the cartoon “the lion King”.