Pregnant escorts Milan Kerzhakov father’s last journey

Беременная Милана Кержакова провожает отца в последний путь The Senator passed away on the fourth of July. To say goodbye to Vadim and starting from the nozzle of hundreds of colleagues and friends. The family of the deceased policy accept condolences. He will be buried at Novodevichy cemetery in Saint Petersburg.

      Беременная Милана Кержакова провожает отца в последний путь

      Currently in Saint-Petersburg is a farewell to the Senator Vadim starting from the nozzle. Father Milan Kerzhakova died on the fourth of July. As reported in the press service, the reason for the man’s death was acute heart failure. “Everything is possible”: how do remember Vadim Tyulpanov his family

      Loved ones, relatives and colleagues gathered to bid farewell to politics. At the entrance to the Rotunda of the Mariinsky Palace, the guests passed a thorough inspection. Among those present at the farewell ceremony was seen by many politicians. Orchestration played funereal music, while carrying wreaths and bouquets of red roses.

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      The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, gave a speech in which he noted that the Tulips were truly a decent man and has made a great contribution to the development of the Northern capital. After his words ended with a moment of silence.

      Milan Kerzhakov and her family sat on the left side of the set in the hall the grave, accepting condolences from coworkers and friends group. Some could not hold back emotions and tears. Daughter of the late Senator tried to calm his brother. Guests embraced the native Vadim Albertovich and wished them strength.

      After the funeral, all attendees will go to the Novodevichy cemetery in St. Petersburg, where will take place funeral. The funeral service for Senator will be held at 13.00 in the Church of the resurrection Novodevichy convent.