Pregnant Elena Zakharova have fun at the party with Maria Poroshina

Беременная Елена Захарова развлеклась на вечеринке с Марией Порошиной The actress attended the reunion, which was held recently in the Shchukin school. In the hilarious skit, held at the training theater Institute, the actors remembered their student years and exchanged plans for the future.
Беременная Елена Захарова развлеклась на вечеринке с Марией Порошиной

Fans suggest that the actress Elena Zakharova is preparing to become a mother. The woman prefers not to publicize information about the upcoming appearance of the child, avoiding interviews and social events. However, for friends, the actress made an exception. Elena attended a meeting of the graduates of the Shchukin school.

For the evening in a circle of colleagues, the star of the TV series chose a bright dress to the knee. Many have found that Elena looked amazing. Spacious style dress Zakharova showed off her noticeably rounded belly. Supposedly joyful event in the life of the actress is going to happen very soon. Assume that the actress is on the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

Elena Zakharova came out with markedly rounded belly

Users of social networks noticed that in the near future Zakharova becoming a mother and began to congratulate her on the upcoming replenishment in the family. “I am very happy for her. God grant that all was well,” “Oh, Lena is pregnant again?”, “Good luck,” was discussed on the Internet.

Беременная Елена Захарова развлеклась на вечеринке с Марией Порошиной

Together with Elena Zakharova student years remembered and other artists, including Maxim Averin, Maria Poroshina, Anton Makarsky, Natalia Antonova, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Olga Sidorova, Dmitriy Mukhamadeev and many others. They went on stage to congratulate each other. Those who studied with Marina Panteleeva, was a double cause for celebration – not only meeting with former fellow students, but also the 20th anniversary since the end of the “Pike”.

“In 1997 we became actors! Native, favorite, my,” shared Natalia Antonova on Instagram.

Followers of the actress wished her further success. Many also noted that Maria Poroshina looks great. The actress came out in an evening toilet of black. Star complements the image of your red lipstick. “Beauty”, “the Legendary women in one place”, “Well when have a girlfriend”, “most-Most”, “Great company! And happily, that friendship goes out, and lasts for a long time. I wish you to take a picture of the same composition after 25 years”, “so cute”, “Adorable”, is discussed in the Network.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Elena Zakharova rumor a few months. The actress prefers to keep secret details of his personal life. According to some, the father of the child Helena is an entrepreneur who invests in securities and construction business.