Pregnant Elena Zakharova appeared at social events

Беременная Елена Захарова появилась на светском рауте The theater and film actress was the guest of the festival on the occasion of the opening corner of the fashion brand. Elena Zakharova appeared before the public with a noticeably rounded belly. The star can no longer hide their situation from the public.
Беременная Елена Захарова появилась на светском рауте

Last weekend took place the opening of the flagship corner fashion brand in one of the shopping centers Khimki. On this occasion there was organized a holiday cocktail. To see the novelties from the new collection and try on your favorite stuff came from Elena Zakharova, Yulia Proskuryakova, Olga Kabo, Ekaterina Velichenko, Nina Shatskaya and many others. Host of the evening was Elena Starostina.

Stylists of the program “Fashion verdict” helped everyone to be good, and the stars and admirers of the brand had a smile and willingly posed for photographers. For the release of actress Elena Zakharova opted for a red jacket, white blouse and dark blue jeans. Artist complements its image of a miniature purse on a chain and shoes in sporty style. Celebrity dress could not hide the changes in her figure. Elena is preparing to become a mother, but doesn’t comment about the interesting position. Judging by the distinctly rounded belly Zakharova, her last trimester of pregnancy.

Беременная Елена Захарова появилась на светском рауте

Being at an awesome time, Helen continued to work. Recently finished shooting the film “bad Teacher 2: the Test”, which Zakharov has played a major role. The Director of the movie was Alexey Petrukhin. Besides Elena, in the work on the film took part Irina Kupchenko, Irina Alferova, Andrey Merzlikin and Anna Churina Ivan Kokorin. They found a common language and often shared joint photos on social networks.

“It’s only been one day since the completion of filming, and already miss this warm atmosphere, without such already native to you people. It was great and emotional. So I never cried and laughed. Thank you to everyone who involved in this project. Creators, you are incredible and sincere people with whom it was a pleasure to work with. Special thanks to the actors. Low bow to you for your expertise, for inclusion and for respecting your profession! You give a great experience, and watching you work – a pleasure!” noted actress Elizabeth Grouse.

The pictures, taken while working on the film, Elena Zakharova was generally imprinted on the belt. Only when the actress attended a party organised by former students of the Shchukin school, fans of the star left no doubt that she is expecting a baby.

Pregnant Elena Zakharova have fun at the party with Maria Poroshina

Fans of Helena understand her desire not to speak about an interesting situation. In 2011, life Zakharova tragedy died her 8-month-old daughter Anna-Maria. The girl had died from an acute viral infection. Since Elena has chosen to keep a personal secret from the public.