Pregnant Elena Kuletskaya suffer from insomnia

Беременная Елена Кулецкая страдает от бессонницы Model and TV presenter from day to day will become a mother. Now Elena Kuletskaya on the 37th week of pregnancy. Celebrity suffers from the fact that can not long sleep for several months.

      Беременная Елена Кулецкая страдает от бессонницы

      Popular TV presenter and model Elena Kuletskaya will soon become a mother. The celebrity has already decided that her delivery will be in one of the prestigious hospitals of the Moscow region. Elena long time to choose a hospital, considering options and also abroad – in France and the USA. However Kuletskaya realized that it would be hard to part with loved ones, and therefore decided that the baby will be born in Russia.

      Now, when the baby is born stay just a few days, Elena has told fans that she suffers from insomnia.

      “Good cheerful! Us today 37 weeks. Smile and wave. Stupid sleeping problems for several months. All suggest that you “sleep enough beforehand”, but I get six hours maximum per day. So I always get up with a smile. Say, so you can configure the brain to the positive. And yet, six months into our marriage bed appeared here this pillow for pregnant women. The thing is huge, but really comfortable. My husband literally “stolbism” in advance. Wins friendship, when we both climb inside the horseshoe” – shared Kuletskaya in the microblog.

      Fans shared their experiences, and cheered the famous top model. “Then insomnia will be gone! Helen well done. Soon”, “the positive data comes from you, if I can just get up every day, it’s not All bad. Oh, all these tips about “sleep enough”, – supported the star subscribers.

      Prior to that, she said, that doesn’t go to any courses for future mothers, and hopes that in time the child will tell the midwife. Besides, Kuletskaya no worries about the upcoming birth. To anesthetic it intended to use only as a last resort – if you feel that you can’t stand the pain.

      “Our mothers and grandmothers gave birth in a normal, and nothing after the first. I’m not going to insist on anesthesia, but also will not speak to me in any case did not. If I understand that they cannot cope with pain threshold or too tired, but all the work still ahead, why bare not to help and not to anesthetize, especially because the degree of sensitivity can be adjusted. It seems to me that during childbirth the most important thing is mental attitude. The kid will have to endure enormous stress, so I will try to keep calm, to give him less of the fear and negativity”, – believes Elena.

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