Pregnant Elena Armin van Buuren caught in the company of a businessman

Беременную Елену Подкаминскую застали в компании бизнесмена The choice of actress was 39-year-old Builder. Elena Armin van Buuren tries not to touch upon the subject of his family. Journalists managed to find out, who chose the actress as a life partner.

Not so long ago the actress Elena Armin van Buuren told reporters that two years ago she met a loved one. However, the woman is not in a hurry to submit his choice to the wider public. The artist is limited only by vague formulations says that the man is far from the world of show business. However, reporters learned that the beloved’s name is Denis Guschin, he was 39 years old, and he’s in construction. The man hails from Samara, and neighbors often see him near the house of a famous actress. They also are each other’s friends in social networks.

“Denis has graduated from economic University and for many years engaged in the construction. Together with friends he organized a company for the production and installation of sports complexes for the workout, I was spinning her, but then something went wrong. Now works at another construction company”, – said a friend of actress Anna.

Soon Elena Armin van Buuren will become a mother for the second time. However, the woman was hesitant to go to a full maternity leave – she hopes that the difficult period will help it to survive native people.

The actress admitted that the most important thing for her when choosing a life partner was the ratio of men to her daughter Pauline, who was born in marriage with Alexander Placeim. Elena admitted that she was difficult to explain to the girl the whole essence of the upcoming changes in their family life. The artist was grateful to his father for what he came up with for little tales, which metaphorically could explain the situation. Elena Armin van Buuren spent months to make friends with the daughter of the chosen one

Elena is happy that her new partner very well and builds a relationship with a girl. How did you find the journalists of the newspaper “Express Gazeta”, Denis Guschin also has a child. “It seems he himself has a daughter in Samara – two years younger than Paulie. So he knows how to handle kids. I don’t know why he still not married at the Armin van Buuren” – says a friend of the actress.