Pregnant Darya Pynzar shy appearance

Беременная Дарья Пынзарь стесняется внешнего вида The star complained that on the ninth month of pregnancy she became severely swollen face. She’s already looking forward to the birth of the child. Darya and Sergey soon to be born second son.

      Беременная Дарья Пынзарь стесняется внешнего вида

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Daria Pynzar and her husband Sergei are preparing to become parents for the second time. Every day the moment of birth the baby is getting closer and closer. In this pregnancy Daria is experiencing a particular emotion.

      “I believe that to be the pregnant woman is the apotheosis of femininity, and I am filled with joy and pride during this period of his life. First pregnancy I did not feel like a second, as yet not understood, is a tender and delicate moment,” said the Pynzar.

      However, due to the fact that the star is soon to give birth, she was faced with a problem that affects her appearance. “There came a time that even a selfie to spread shame. Nose, cheeks and lips on the entire screen, as if slept on wlii. Now start to write something drugged. Well, am I the only one swell in the last month? And hands and no legs, only the face”, – said the Pynzar on the page in a social network. Some subscribers will star knowingly reacted to the situation and even advised how to deal with edema.

      “Make a competent save from even the most terrible edema”, “Dasha, you are so delicate and beautiful that no one will notice this swelling”, “we Need to make a compress from the swelling,” wrote this experienced by women.

      Daria tips will definitely come in handy, because tomorrow she has planned a baby shower party for the expectant mother. According to the American tradition, the birthday girl literally fill up with gifts. Usually the event is organized by girlfriend pregnant. For future moms should it be a surprise.

      Throughout her pregnancy Daria didn’t hesitate to talk about their feelings on social networks and even on television. She participated in the filming of the reality show channel “Dомашний” and has been featured in fashion photo shoots. The pynzar all nine months preparing for the upcoming birth. She told me that walking three times a week in the pool and learn to breathe a certain method, so that when the battles were easier, and not hurt the blood vessels on the face. During childbirth a woman will support her husband Sergei. He has already prepared a set of encouraging, positive words and thoughts.

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