Pregnant Darya Pynzar not afraid of the evil eye

Беременная Дарья Пынзарь не боится сглаза  The former participant “Houses-2” I like being the center of attention. Daria Pynzar admits that her pregnancy is the apotheosis of femininity. Also, the star believes in the materiality of thought.

      Беременная Дарья Пынзарь не боится сглаза

      Soon one of the brightest pairs of “House-2” Darya and Sergey Pynzar become parents for the second time. With huge impatience waiting for an addition to the family the eldest son of the spouses, 4-year-old Artem. And yet to see the happy moment of birth of a baby there is little time, Daria never loses his gift. Attention all fans pair is now on the pregnant star, and she doesn’t hide its position from prying eyes.

      “I believe that to be a pregnant woman – it is the apotheosis of womanhood, and I am filled with joy and pride during this period of his life. First pregnancy I didn’t feel like the second because I could not understand how it tremulous and tender moment. And now, when I know that inside me is a living tiny person, a little person, I want all the attention focused on his person. I don’t believe and never believed in the “evil eye”. I believe only in the corporeality of thought and trying to follow your dreams is a big and happy family,” says Daria.

      By the way, recently Pynzar agreed to take part in a new reality show of TV channel “Dомашний,” in which she tells in detail about what difficulties she had to endure during pregnancy. In addition, Daria, by example, demonstrate that interesting position – not a reason to abandon active work and even travel.

      Беременная Дарья Пынзарь не боится сглаза

      We will remind, the winter whole family Pintara went to Thailand. A vacation in this exotic country was planned in advance. Pre-Darya consulted with doctors, who gave approval for the trip. However, as soon as the star family land on the island, at the airport they were in for a nasty surprise. Some bags were lost during flights. However, this episode did not spoil a long-awaited vacation.

      The pynzar published lots of beautiful pictures in Thailand. On some she was in a bikini. “Extraordinary beauty! As they say – a Paradise on earth, although nobody has ever seen Paradise. But the island is very cool”, “the Most beautiful shape is the shape of a pregnant woman! Comfortable! Get the vitamins, iodine and more endorphin”, “Dasha, you have a beautiful family!” – admired fans.

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