Pregnant Dakota and Kovalchuk are preparing to give birth together

Беременные Дакота и Ковальчук готовятся рожать вместе Both the singer will soon become mothers of girls. Heiress Rita Dakota and Yulia Kovalchuk can be born in one day, or with little time difference. Artist exchanged pleasantries in connection with the imminent birth of kids on social networks.
Беременные Дакота и Ковальчук готовятся рожать вместе

Singer Julia Kovalchuk and Rita Dakota hinted to his fans that they are both in the final stage of pregnancy. Firstborn star mothers will be born very soon, and the two Actresses exchanged pleasantries on this account in one of social networks.

Rita Dakota thus inadvertently betrayed the secret of Yulia Kovalchuk, giving all to understand that they want kids of the same sex, namely the girls. Two moms gave a pretty public conversation on Instagram on the page of Yulia Kovalchuk, who shared the positive picture. Singer expect that their children will make friends with each other, and getting there will take place very soon.

“Olushka, I really congratulate you and so happy. This is a real space! And so cool that we’re side by side,” wrote Rita Dakota. “Thank You, Ritochka. I feel that we are very next to,” replied Julia Kovalchuk. “So our krevetki doomed to be friends”, said Dakota.

It should be noted that throughout the pregnancy the two stars behave very differently. Rita Dakota has announced that it is expecting first child almost from the moment she found out about it. She often publishes photos emphasizing changing its figure, and not shy to talk about their feelings of the expectant mother. Fans know that Rita and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky born daughter, and that will be it until October 20, as a young dad sounded like something that his successor will be born under the sign of Libra.

A very different style of communication with the fans chose Julia Kovalchuk and her husband Alexey Chumakov. Couple to the last was kept secret information about the upcoming addition to the family, telling the good news until the end of September. Chumakov afraid to attend the birth of Kovalchuk

Almost all summer Julia Kovalchuk played in Spain, hiding from prying fans away from Moscow. Star has published only two photos, which shows her rounded tummy. However, Kovalchuk has made it clear it has no plans to turn the blog into the diary of the future, and then a young mother.

“I’m not going to throw you pregnant photos and turn your account in the Mommy blog! I hope, my work, creativity, passion for you is no less interesting,” warned Julia Kovalchuk to their subscribers.