Pregnant Catherine Gordon was surprised by a picture in a bikini

Беременная Екатерина Гордон удивила снимком в бикини In the past television and radio host and now singer and songwriter in October of this year, spoke about her second pregnancy. Apparently, the celebrity feels great and willing to share with subscribers images, in which a clearly visible rounded belly.

      Catherine has long positioned itself as an independent and self-sufficient personality, which is independent from men, neither financially nor emotionally. Now she’s raising a four year old son Daniel from a previous marriage c lawyer Sergey Garinim, is the owner of legal Agency and writes songs. Most recently, Gordon left the popular music show “the Voice”, which came to tell the audience about his work.

      Still in the status of participants of the contest, she told me she was pregnant. Now Catherine is resting with his son in Thailand, and just yesterday posted in Instagram your photo in bikini.

      “Danya and I and Danny’s tummy nakupalis and tell… life is complicated, people are, of course, in General g**but… But for the bright days and wonderful people along the way definitely worth living,” signed Catherine post, decorating it is not the partial word.

      In relation to who exactly the singer put it, is unclear. Fans have supported Gordon in the comments agreeing with her and saying how beautiful she looks while waiting for baby.

      “All right says”, “What are the right words!”, “Relax, gain strength, get back up and continue to burn”, “You are the most real”, – in eager rivalry began to speak subscribers.

      Earlier, Catherine talked about the fact that she is pregnant with a boy, and the eldest son Daniel already knows what name he wants to give her brother. The expectant mother agreed with the first one and decided I would call the second son, Daniel.

      The name of the father a second child while Gordon does not name, referring to the fact that he is not a media person and not willing to put their lives on the show. “My boyfriend doesn’t like publicity, so his name I don’t want to talk. All of my relationships, which all know, ended in total failure, and I became very superstitious. Nevertheless, I’m happy waiting for another boy. For this I decided to rebrand my company: my company now will be called “Gordon and sons,” said Catherine.

      A young woman noted that he did not remarry and fully satisfied with the relationships in which she is now with the father of the unborn child. Recall that Gordon was in the status of official wife three times. Her first husband was TV presenter Alexander Gordon, whose name she decided to leave. The second time, after my divorce in 2006, Catherine was married to the lawyer Sergei Gorina, and with it she tied the knot twice as much. Then the story of the breakup wore a scandalous nature, but now Catherine and Sergey reconciled and settled all conflicts.

      Sergei Zhorin about relationship with Kate Gordon: “We began to communicate normally for my son”