Pregnant Anna Sedokova openly talked about the financial collapse

Беременная Анна Седокова откровенно рассказала о финансовом крахе The singer has admitted that he was on the verge of bankruptcy because of the exorbitant costs to rent a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. For a long time Anna Sedokova did not share that information with the public. Only recently, the actress talked for the first time about the severe trial through which passed.

      Singer Anna Sedokova tries to be sincere with their fans and share with them their thoughts and feelings. Recently, the actress candidly spoke about the difficult period in his life. The celebrity admitted that a few years ago was on the verge of bankruptcy and concealed the fact. Then Anna tried to convince the public that she is doing well. After some time Sedokova found the strength to talk to about the trials through which it has passed.

      “When I divorced my husband, I’m the last money took a huge house with a basketball court and a swimming pool, trampoline. 7500 dollars a month rent, in order to show their children the perfect mother and make them happy. Year payment of this house and my bills, despite daily work, was below zero. When this house held a photo shoot for a magazine, and I with her girls stood on the balcony in a green ball gown as a Princess, it was clear to me: “Anna is already bankrupt”. The photographer asked me to smile, children and dogs ran around, and I talked about a happy life in Los Angeles and a fairy tale, which actually then was the real hell. In my head the words of ex-relatives: “Yes, she’ll just waste it”. And they were right,” shared the actress.

      After that, the singer decided to move to a more modest apartment, with her whole big family. “We used to watch cartoons on one TV and fell asleep, cuddling under one blanket,” – says the artist.

      Now Anna Sedokova understands how it was necessary to do, not to be ruined. “To invest in the business, even put them at interest in the Bank. To be true, rather than to seem. But then I didn’t know that. Or were not ready to learn,” she notes.

      Anna also admitted that the never told anyone about this story. A young woman was for a good reason.

      “For me, proud and independent, to acknowledge their own financial mistakes and failure means to run naked through the main street and jump into the water to the piranhas. And here I am. Run. Not perfect, but real”, – said the artist.

      Fans Sedokova supported it and thanked him for his sincerity. “How sweet of you”, “You’re a very strong girl”, “I’m proud of you”, “All is well”, “Make yourself of this is the feat of”, “words from the heart. Hand written, heart dictated”, “Wonderful”, is discussed by users of social networks.