Pregnant Anna Sedokova is suffering because of memory issues

Беременная Анна Седокова страдает из-за проблем с памятью The singer, who is in an interesting position, admitted that she began to forget important things. In addition, Anna Sedokova shared with another problem with subscribers microblog – slowness.

      Very soon a popular performer and designer Anna Sedokova the third time will become a mother. A celebrity already has two daughters Alina and Monica, and now born another son. The actress tells fans how pregnancy occurs, what changes occur in appearance and the body willingly responds to questions of readers. It turned out that, in addition to the awakened appetite, the star appeared several features: Anna began to forget a lot of behind the normal rhythm of life and suffers constant mood swings. This woman herself told fans in Instagram.

      “Good morning. I know I have not wrote long posts, I know that is not posted, but every day more and more changes in me, and I feel like with my body changing life around. I was slow, very slow. Like IPhone 3. As if my powerful CPU in the head, coming up with 1001 idea in a minute, replaced the old, and I’m trying to speed it up. Honestly. But until all the past. I am now the funniest character in the universe. Forget everything, miss everything, cry, laugh without reason, quarrel, make peace. The local crazy,” wrote Sedokova.

      It is interesting that Anna even glad numerous changes in life. It had previously recognized that a completely new feel in the company of her third pregnancy. Star began to notice important things that before seemed insignificant. The woman also realized that every moment is unique and urged followers to appreciate all that is happening around and within them.

      In addition, recently, the singer broke the phone, which she used throughout the year. The phone kept important correspondence, cherished photos and videos, photos, and memorable notes. However, Sedokova and in this event, found the pros – celebrity felt that in this way she hinted at the need to break with the past.

      “Today, for the first time in a long time I slept peacefully at night. This burden that we bear the years because we really don’t need. To live in the present and think about the future! Plan, no turning back! This I still have to learn and, perhaps, I’ll start right now,” wrote under the photo of the artist.