Pregnant Anna Sedokova exposed rounded tummy

Беременная Анна Седокова оголила округлившийся животик The star posted a picture in underwear. In the caption, Anna Sedokova entered your weight in the ninth month of pregnancy. Fans were delighted with the boldness of the actress and noted that she looks good.

      Singer Anna Sedokova has admitted to fans that during her third pregnancy feels truly happy. According to the artist, she did not even bother that she strongly recovered during these months. The star is in the United States, where he enjoys walks on the beach and having fun with their daughters.

      Recently Sedokova surprised followers with a series of photographs taken on the ocean. Despite the impressive time, the singer does not hesitate to wear swimsuits and revealing clothes. New photo in underwear and did not go unnoticed by the followers of Anna.

      “Almost 80 pounds of happiness, great happiness,” signed by the artist.

      Fans didn’t believe the words Sedokova, as even during pregnancy star boasts slender legs. According to most, the scales are deceiving the celebrity.

      “The best figure”, “the Beauty, all the excess will quickly go,” “Annie, you any weight. Divine”, “Where 80? Handles skinny legs,” “Belly such a neat, small, and very slender you” “that would be all the girls in a position that looked like” – did not hide emotions fans of the singer.

      Sedokova mentally preparing for the upcoming birth. It is planned that the baby will be born in one of the American clinics. Anne tells fans about his condition and shares them with emotions.

      “I was slow, very slow. Like iPhone 3. As if my powerful CPU in the head, coming up with 1001 idea in a minute, replaced the old, and I’m trying to speed it up, honestly, but until all the past. I am now the funniest character in the universe. Forget everything, miss everything, cry, laugh without reason, quarrel, make peace. The local crazy,” admitted the actress on Instagram.

      Members support Anna and explain that over time she will recover memory. According to commentators, an interesting situation and hormones greatly alter the lives of women.

      Pregnant Anna Sedokova complained of serious condition

      “Don’t worry, Anna, it’s all wrong. When I was expecting my second daughter, just dulled. Asked pills to improve memory”, “Himself remembered a couple of years ago, and Got pregnant a life. I flew once pregnant from Kiev, and passing all tests, sitting at the exit to his plane missed the flight,” – told stories followers Sedokova.