Беременная Анна Хилькевич пожаловалась на проблемы со здоровьем
The actress spoke about the health before birth.

Photo: Instagram

Anna Khilkevich is about to become a mother for the second time. Despite the last month of pregnancy, the actress leads a very active lifestyle. It is engaged in the business (she has her own beauty Studio in the centre of Moscow), is removed for magazines, attending social events, has his own blog on the Network… And has not been canceled being a mom: daughter Anna Arianna only two years, and it requires a lot of communication.

Lee has a reputation as a very friendly and optimistic person, but it messed with. The girl complained of numerous health problems in the Network. She has published in General ordinary picture on Instagram:

“At first glance in this photo, all right… But it’s not. This photo is hiding: stomach pain, poisoning, approaching childbirth, allergies to bloom, slightly laid ear, and the hairdresser found today I have one gray hair. But it touches me only last!”

So, having remained true to himself. Even in poor health she is optimistic and tries not to focus and think only about the unimportant — about gray hair!

By the way, about a month ago, the actress complained to the fans that can’t control their own weight. Star of TV series “Univer” on komentuje scored more than 14 pounds. To date, this figure has increased by a few kg., having fears that it will not be able to return the slender figure and shares his experiences with those who follow her life.

“Girls, I have a confession: I weigh more than 60 pounds (despite the fact that before pregnancy my weight was 46-47) and this is not the limit. But I can not do anything. Weight increases and will decrease. But I want to at all now here to give my word that I will get in shape! I’m almost a “pitoresco”. I can… yeah, you?” — requests support from fans of Anna.