Pregnant Anna Kalashnikov received expensive jewelry for a birthday

Беременная Анна Калашникова получила дорогие украшения на день рождения Recently, the model and the singer celebrated the holiday. On this occasion, Anna Kalashnikova have collected the best girlfriends for dinner at one of the capital’s institutions. A young woman was touched by a large number of tokens from loved ones.
Беременная Анна Калашникова получила дорогие украшения на день рождения

June 13, model and singer Anna Kalashnikov celebrated his birthday. Beauty was 33 years. Early in the morning Anna phoned family and friends, who wished her all the best. “StarHit” joins the numerous congratulations friends of the birthday girl. By the way, how did you learn to journalists, including those who decided to keep celebs warm wishes, turned out to be her ex-boyfriend Prokhor Chaliapin. The contractor wrote to the young woman.

Kalashnikov, who is now expecting a baby, decided not to organize a major celebration. Instead, Anna gathered all her friends at dinner. Friend celebrity toasts in her honor in one of capital restaurants. The birthday girl looked amazing: she appeared at a party in a luxurious dress with a full skirt with delicate hues. Anne’s outfit was decorated with lace.

“My good, thank you for the congratulations, mark will be long!” – shared Kalashnikov in his microblog.
Беременная Анна Калашникова получила дорогие украшения на день рождения

The young woman gave a large number of nice gifts. Anna gave several lush bouquets of flowers that enraptured the birthday girl. In addition, the Kalashnikov became the owner of expensive jewelry. Touched celebrity thanked loved ones for the wonderful surprises and admitted that their attentions touched her.

Add that to the table, which was covered Anna was soft. Kalashnikov, planning to become mother for the second time, chose to abandon spirits, as do all pregnant women. Girlfriend celebrities were sympathetic to the initiative and wished future baby Anna to grow up healthy, to the delight of his mother.

By the way, sweetheart Anna Kalashnikova, with whom she has a serious relationship, did not attend the event. “We had originally planned to spend this evening together, but he had a change of plans and he couldn’t come. Very sorry. So much that today I even planned to celebrate a party. But friends was persuaded to sit”, – said the model.

Earlier in the program “Let them talk” Kalashnikov admitted that she had a young man who wants kids. In recognition of Anna, she dreams about the three heirs. “Now I have not much time. I am a child of any gender” – shared model.

Pregnant Anna Kalashnikov agreed to ultrasound live

In addition, Kalashnikov told about the education of his son Dani. Charming babe came into the world in March 2015 in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals. Despite the constant employment at work, Anna finds the time to babysit an adorable child.

Беременная Анна Калашникова получила дорогие украшения на день рождения