Pregnant Anna Kalashnikov made beloved a special surprise

Беременная Анна Калашникова приготовила любимому особый сюрприз Actress and model wants to surprise chosen birthday. Anna Kalashnikov recorded the song father of her unborn child and directed a touching clip. According to celebrity, she was difficult to implement the plans, and she is very worried that her plans will fail.

An affair with a powerful businessman Anna Kalashnikov conceals, telling reporters only that in this relationship she is incredibly happy. Mysterious chosen celebrity used to surprise her – actress and model received a gift of luxury housing in 40 million cars, flowers and chocolates. In short, the man does not refuse her anything. This time Kalashnikov decided to answer your beloved a nice gesture and prepared for him a special gift. The father of the child Anna’s birthday, and on this occasion she recorded a song for him.

“My favorite was a holiday. I’ve been thinking what I would be able to surprise and delight, I did not sleep for several nights. And then it dawned on me He loves the song Reamonn Supergirl group, and I decided to sing only in Russian. The text to his improvised piece I wrote myself. This track is my Declaration of love. I wanted to show how much I love him as I admire and proud of him. He’s the best man on Earth. These are no more. I really got lucky with him,” admitted Kalashnikov.

At the disposal of “StarHit” was the record on which Kalashnikov admits his love for the elect, singing the lines of his own composition. A gesture celebrity male appreciated and was very touched by this act.

It seems that in the relations of the model and businessman has really come together. Not so long ago the birthday was celebrated, and Anna herself, but to attend her celebration of the man could not. But a few days later, after returning from a working trip he handed the keys to the beloved luxury apartment in elite residential complex of the capital. Beloved Anna Kalashnikova gave her apartment for 40 million

“For me it was a complete surprise. He loves to surprise! But to be honest, thought I would give cottage by the sea somewhere in Spain, said “StarHit” Kalashnikov. – The apartment is very large, almost 150 meters, open floor plan, refers to the four rooms. Is the original finish, even some of the furniture. But some things want to change – will soon begin repairs.”