Pregnant Anna Kalashnikov boasted diamond from boyfriend

Беременная Анна Калашникова похвасталась бриллиантом от бойфренда Model and singer, who is preparing to become a mother for the second time happily in a relationship with a new lover. Recently, the businessman gave Anna Kalashnikova apartment in a luxury residential complex, and recently revealed that she also became the owner of a ring with a gemstone.
Беременная Анна Калашникова похвасталась бриллиантом от бойфренда

Singer and model Anna Kalashnikov is a frequent guest at various TV shows in which are discussed the vicissitudes of her life, various current topics of concern vu country. Recently a young woman told on air “Let them talk” about the future baby, and on Wednesday, June 21, showed the release of “Live”, where she acted as the expert. Celebrity endorsed Anastasia Volochkova caught in a difficult situation. The dancer claims to be a victim of fraud of driver. The blonde accuses man of fraud and robbery.

The driver of Anastasia Volochkova responded to the accusations of theft

Some guests said that Anastasia herself is to blame for the illegal actions of his assistant, but she does not share this view. Anna Kalashnikov said that public people are often faced with similar behavior. As if the stars tried to keep something a secret, sometimes the details of their life still be the center of attention of the public.

When the singer spoke in support of Anastasia Volochkova, presenter Boris korchevnikov noticed on her finger luxury and, judging by their appearance, very expensive jewelry. “Anya, who gave you the diamond ring?” he asked the celebrity. Kalashnikov said that this gift loved one.

Беременная Анна Калашникова похвасталась бриллиантом от бойфренда“The young man gave. And I do think this would be”, she said.

The model asked if she is afraid to repeat the fate of Anastasia Volochkova and deprived of the luxury jewelry from damage. “You know, I’m afraid. It’s true. I’m afraid life show, I try not to tell…” said Anna, adding that public people do sometimes have to pay for their desire to show the posh stuff. “It’s true,” said the celebrity.

We will remind, that on June 13, the pregnant Anna Kalashnikov celebrated his birthday. The singer and model was 33 years. From early morning the young woman has received calls from loved ones wishing her all the best. Many congratulations joined and lover Anna, who sent her a huge bouquet of roses and promised to hit a Grand surprise.

After some time, the choice Kalashnikova kept his word. The businessman gave her a luxurious apartment located in a luxury residential complex in Sokolniki. The cost of the apartment, the owner of which was Anna, is 40 million rubles. Beloved Anna Kalashnikova gave her apartment for 40 million