Pregnant Anna Kalashnikov agreed to ultrasound live

Беременная Анна Калашникова согласилась на УЗИ в прямом эфире The actress proves that she was pregnant. Anna Kalashnikov accused in an effort to attract attention to his person. A young woman outraged by such statements, and therefore Andrey Malakhov invited her to the program “Let them talk”, to understand the situation.
Беременная Анна Калашникова согласилась на УЗИ в прямом эфире

News of the second pregnancy Anna Kalashnikova appeared in mid-may. A young woman said “StarHit” that met a man in February. A fan called her on the phone at the time when she was in rehab after surgery for breast augmentation. The man admired Kalashnikova and spared no expense to win her affection – he gave her two cars, one of which is worth about 20 million rubles.

After the novel Anna with Prokhor Chaliapin discussed the whole country, the artist does not seek to put nepokupnaya relationship. His chosen one she said only that he owns a business. And soon the couple have a baby. Anna Kalashnikov came to the Studio “Let them talk”, to share your happiness with others.

Anna said in the Studio that she found a boyfriend who really wants kids. Kalashnikov admitted that he dreams about the three heirs.

“Now I have not much time. I am a child of either sex,” – said Anna about her pregnancy.

The actress spoke about the education of his son Dani. She admitted that if the biological father wants to communicate with the boy, she will not interfere. The actress said that the baby is growing very active. Once the child grows up, she wants to give it to the sports school and hire a teacher for foreign languages.

Беременная Анна Калашникова согласилась на УЗИ в прямом эфире

Former Deputy Anna Kalashnikova Prokhor Chaliapin also appeared in the Studio. The musician said that she is a good actress, but because he doesn’t believe in her pregnancy. Then Andrey Malakhov has proposed to make the singer an ultrasound.

Not so long ago Prokhorov himself told me that fell in love with a resident of the United States Face Osipov. However, it turned out that she married a long time. Guests in the Studio suggested that Shalyapin simply jealous Kalashnikova, because she was able to find happiness in his personal life and he’s not. Prokhor Chaliapin did not forgive a pregnant Anna Kalashnikova new relationship

However, not so long ago Andrey Malakhov wanted to find a bride for the musician and announced the search for the girls. Despite the fact that Prokhor liked Alexander, who lives in London, the man did not seek to have an affair. All the while the man never came to visit, and talked with her through the Internet. The girl once again came to the Studio to support the artist. Prokhor Chaliapin met with brides in “Let them talk”

Беременная Анна Калашникова согласилась на УЗИ в прямом эфире

Andrey Malakhov has invited ex-wife Prokhor Larissa Kopenkina. As it turned out, the woman’s son Yuri, took part in a very revealing photo shoot with Anna. Ex-wife Chaliapin was shocked by what he saw. She did not know such details of the life of the heir. Some even suggested that George could be the father of the child artist. Larissa Kopenkina was horrified by these words and called Kalashnikov more likely to marry.

Беременная Анна Калашникова согласилась на УЗИ в прямом эфире

Prokhor Chaliapin believes that the artist uses people and goes to his goal ahead. In the final program Anna Kalashnikov showed the audience to speak with the ultrasound results.

“We are more 10 weeks, the exact date I will not speak. Such a pretty, pretty,” concluded the artist.