Pregnant Anastasia Stotskaya jokes about gaining weight

Беременная Анастасия Стоцкая шутит насчет лишнего веса The singer told about how interesting changed her life. In recognition of Anastasia, she tries in what does not deny. The artist prefers to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking vitamins and not worry about the extra weight.

      Singer Anastasia Stotskaya will soon become a mother for the second time. “StarHit” first reported that Stotsky and her husband are preparing for the replenishment of the family. Celebrity does not hide changes in the figure and is sharing with fans photos good view of her rounded belly. Anastasia recently openly spoke to journalists about how pregnancy changed her life. Stotsky admitted that he tries in what itself not to limit. In this regard, the artist gained a few extra pounds. However, the star with the humor looks at things.

      “I weigh, like a Komodo dragon! Generally about weight I don’t bother. Now I go to yoga mom. I waited for Sasha, attended an Aqua-aerobics for pregnant women. Yoga mom like no less. I do need to move. When I cease to engage in sports or dance, you begin to feel bad,” says Anastasia.

      According to celebrity, she eats lots of fruits and veggies and drink vitamins that ordered from America. Through this approach, the artist does not complain about health problems. Even Anastasia says that he is not worried about the fact that sometimes feels pain, because through it must pass every pregnant woman.

      In an interview with reporters, the actress candidly admitted that she regularly has nightmares. In this regard, Stotsky often wakes up in a cold sweat. However, a celebrity doesn’t think such things are a matter of experience. When Anastasia was pregnant with their first child, she often saw violent scenes. And recently, the star was dreaming, if it falls in a puddle with mud. According to Stotsky, it may indicate future financial success.

      She also told that she has taught the first pregnancy. Then Stotsky was scared and she did not know much. Anastasia even attended special courses to learn more about your condition. About this star told “Interlocutor”.

      Recall that Anastasia Stotskaya is the mother of the charming Alexander. The son of a celebrity was born in July 2011. The father of the child was the husband of Anastasia, the businessman Sergei. And about the second pregnancy of the actress became known in December last year. First, about the interesting position of Anastasia knew only her family, but when the rounded belly of a star it was impossible to hide under clothing, it made a statement. “Happiness a woman can’t hide forever. That soon will hatch my chick”, said Stotsky, in one of his social networks.