Pregnant Anastasia Stotskaya attacked homewrecker

Беременную Анастасию Стоцкую атаковала разлучница Singer outraged by the actions of those who tried to embroil her with her beloved husband. An unknown woman tried to stir things up in celebrity family, but information about it reached the most Anastasia. The artist advised the haters to pay attention to their own problems.

      Singer Anastasia Stotskaya, who is preparing to become a mother for the second time, was the victim of ill-wishers. An unknown woman tried to break up star and her husband Sergey. She regularly wrote comments to the spouse of a celebrity, trying to humiliate his beloved. After some time, the information about this reached the most Anastasia. The actress was extremely concerned by the situation, and hastened to make it clear. The star has made it clear that it would not tolerate the antics of envious and advised of critically minded social media users to pay attention to their own problems.

      “Well, I am… it Turns out that some “bird’s tail” of the guys who signed me periodically communicates to my husband, in what position and as I stood up, expressing it in his ugly and perverted way. I want to appeal to all doubtful persons, to unsubscribe, do not write nasty comments and try not to make a rift in my family! Because it can be done! And for you guys, a new series of photos…

      And please, you are my caring, I do not see any symbolism and fatalism in black wings and something else… If you are bad, painful and hard – go to a psychiatrist or priorites in the woods. But I do not need, pregnant woman, mother, to give instructions and try to quarrel with my family, telling what I’m bad or good, what to keep or not to keep the stomach what color to dye your hair, etc., We do understand – adults. We are all well. In the end, sort it out in their families” – said the singer.

      Fans of the actress admired her photography. They also wrote the star a lot of compliments and criticized the actions of ill-wishers. “Such people it is useless to explain something, you should not spend your time on them. Ignore them and continue to enjoy life, Happiness to your family”, “You, Anastasia, very discreet and polite, which, of course, your main advantage”, “Send envious blacklist”, “When others insult you and your family, they show the lack of education,” wrote the fans of a celebrity.

      Note also that at the present moment Anastasia Stotskaya is actively preparing for the replenishment of the family. The actress, who is now in her last month of pregnancy, anticipating the appearance of a lovely baby. Stotsky accidentally revealed the sex of the baby