Беременную Анастасию Костенко положили в больницу на сохранение
Media reported about the hospitalization of the wife of Dmitry Tarasov.

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: Alexander Camber

Child Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov will be born in July this year. At least it was this month appointed the approximate date of the delivery model. At first the couple didn’t tell anyone about his “interesting situation”. But after the wedding, and when the stomach is Anastasia it was impossible to hide, they shared good news with the public.

24-year-old Kostenko endured her first pregnancy easily. Affected by the age and the fact that she was always watching my health. Only now in the last months there were problems. They are associated with the most common “side effect” from the expectations of the child with edema.

Recently, the model complained to the fans that can not “climb” in the shoes their size due to swollen feet.

“Only now beginning to understand what “swelling”. Even the size bigger than shoes becomes small. And a General view in the evening, if I was a champion at the air-water sport, the essence of which is: take 10 liters of water, then get on a plane and continue to drink 5 liters,” complained Anastasia.

And now all doctors that see pregnant stars in one of the elite medical centers, put a girl in hospital on preservation. As reported by portal Teleprogramma.pro, Kostenko will have to spend in the hospital for a while.

Anastasia decided to conduct productive suddenly vacant spare time. She started watching the reality show “Pregnant”, because I thought that it raised many issues that it is now very interesting. But the model caught a slight disappointment.

“I have only one question: why is pregnant in the show only one?” — I asked for explanations Kostenko in the Network.