Беременная Анастасия Костенко прояснила слухи о проблемах со здоровьем The wife of Dmitry Tarasov was out on bond after disturbing news. This week there appeared information about the fact that Anastasia Kostenko feared for the life of the unborn child and lay down on conservation. The choice of the player hastened to shed light on the information received wide publicity.
Беременная Анастасия Костенко прояснила слухи о проблемах со здоровьем

This summer in the family of footballer Dmitry Tarasov has to be a replenishment. Wife of athlete Anastasia Kostenko is expecting a baby. It is known that the couple must be born daughter. Recently appeared in the media information about Anastasia is having health problems, so she went to save in one of the Moscow perinatal centers. In this regard, Tarasov allegedly missed the premiere of the series “Out of the game”.

After a while Anastasia clarified the rumors that were discussed in the Network. Footballer’s wife was given to understand that feels good, and expressed gratitude to the concerned people.

“Fine with me. Thank you for your concern and support,” said the model in social networks.

Kostenko gave to understand that the information publicized not true. According to lady sportsman, the authors “give the imagination”. She also expressed dissatisfaction with the accuracy of the information, which come to the modern man from all sides.

In addition, in his post-wife of Dmitry Tarasov shared the joys of impending motherhood. Before Anastasia could not understand why pregnant girls are keen to share information about their child on social networks. Now the views of the model has changed.

“When you are anxiously waiting for the two cherished stripes, then see the first screening of man, it is hard not to live it, not to think every minute. The quickening, hormonal surges, growth of the tummy, joint campaigns in a child’s world – all immersed in this wonderful time. Begin to understand that a little more, and life will never be the same (in the best sense of the word). If you only knew how many maternity pens… I Hope my loved ones understand it all (even sure)” she said.

Previously, Anastasia complained of the nesting period. She began to actively prepare for the birth of a daughter. Recently Kostenko could not resist and ordered the nursery furniture. Details model promised to share later.

To date, the pregnant wife of Dmitry Tarasov scored six kilograms. According to the model, weight is holding steady. Anastasia is not afraid to publish the photos, which clearly visible to her rounded belly. Kostenko said he did not believe in evil eye and omens. “Once gave a red thread and I was wearing it as a sign of respect to the giver,” added the wife of the athlete.