Беременную Эми Шумер госпитализировали

Amy Schumer expecting her first baby, but pregnancy is not always the most wonderful feeling for the expectant mother. The expectation of the child included all sorts of ailments. So the actress is suffering from hyperemesis — severe morning sickness which is accompanied by severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Due to the unstable condition Amy had to be hospitalized.

Due to hyperemesis Schumer had to cancel a speech in Texas. “I was looking forward to the performances, but is now forced to move it. Are in the hospital. Me and baby are fine. But all those people who say that the second trimester it’s easier to cope that something back. I still bad because of the hyperemesis. I was very lucky that soon become a mother, but there are some difficulties. Grateful to the doctors and nurses who care about me,” wrote Amy then Instagram. Now, she’s still hard. Recently, for example, she had to stop the car and get on the roadway. Pregnant actress vomited on the sidelines. “This is my Christmas,” she signed video. By the way, the scenes are not for lovers of aesthetics: Sumer in the middle of the forest suffers from retching…

We will remind, 36-year-old Amy Schumer and 37-year-old Chris Fisher were married, hiding it from the public. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, comedienne decided not to hide his happiness, that spoke in detail about the momentous day.

“Everything was beautiful. And I cry because the vows of the groom brought me to tears. Two people really love each other. I am very happy for them,” said Jennifer Lawrence, one of the guests, journalists about the wedding.

Shots was not enough, and according to them, the wedding lasted into the night. Each of the guests could come to the microphone to congratulate the newlyweds. The bride also was not stingy with words. Amy and Chris were married three months after the beginning of the novel, therefore, Schumer decided to get ahead of the possible rumors about her pregnancy first started talking about it in social networks.

“No, I’m not pregnant,” she wrote in Instagram between posts with wedding photos. But as it turned out, still pregnant.

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