Беременная Аманда Сейфрид готовится к свадьбе
The actress talked about their quirks future moms.

Amanda Seyfried


actress Amanda Seyfried – star of “Red riding Hood” and “Mamma MIA!”,
which, as has recently become known, is expecting a child, said that already
planning a wedding. She spoke about it in an interview with Australian magazine

“I never
in my life so not wanted anything so desperately as my future
marriage!” — admitted Amanda. However, unlike most brides,
she’s not overly concerned about the style of her future wedding dress.
Seyfried explained that she constantly has to dress up on the red carpet, the premieres,
charity event. This activity has already become to her a familiar and
ceased to cause excitement. “Besides, I managed to play a movie
brides probably a thousand times and tried on many wedding
outfits! I was dressed in such a dress, even at last year’s charity
the ball Institute costume!” — explained the actress.

as assured Amanda that her pregnancy is normal and does not prevent it
to plan a future wedding. As told by the actress, she can’t complain
no severe morning sickness, no cravings for any unusual products. “The only
now that I consume in large quantities is cheese. Can’t they
to eat. But I think there is nothing to worry. The more, the Sanchez is
can lead, is what my future baby when it’s born, will be very loving.
dairy продукты1” – laughingly explained Seyfried. Incidentally, although Amanda does not
announced yet the gender of her statement, the reporters have already done
the conclusion that she is pregnant with a boy — no wonder that the actress called him “He”.

Seyfried while
did not specify when exactly she was going to go down the aisle with your beloved before or
after the birth of a child (who, presumably, have to be born already
this spring). That the actress is pregnant with her first child, she and her boyfriend
Thomas Sadoski announced about two months ago. To meet him Amanda
beginning last spring, and in fall 2016, she became engaged with his beloved. In this
situation, there is a piquant moment – the fact that Thomas is currently
still listed as a married man. He filed for divorce from his wife Kimberly
Hope in 2015, but the process is still not completed. So in order to marry
Amanda, Sadoski you need to complete your divorce documents.