Pregnant Amal Clooney caught by paparazzi

Беременная Амаль Клуни попала в объективы папарацци

Here we saw proof of pregnancy of the wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney Amal Alamuddin. A woman, pregnant with twins, as stated earlier, hit the lens paparazzi in Barcelona, where the famous lawyer came to visit the in-laws.

Беременная Амаль Клуни попала в объективы папарацци
Since the relations of Amal and George, Mrs. Clooney was attributed the pregnancy punctually. This time the news was true, much to the delight of fans of the pair. Judging by the photos, pregnancy Amal is not an invention of the media, and wide cut tunic and really rounded belly.

After a little shopping the couple jumped into a favorite pub of George, The Bull, the waitress who later told reporters that Mr and Mrs Clooney at this time was not beloved red wine and a Cup of coffee, and Amal wanted coffee without the caffeine.
The waitress also noticed that taste of women has also changed. So, Amal, which usually refuses sweets, ordered a dessert pudding with toffee.
Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Amal became known a few weeks ago. Many insiders close to the couple confirmed this information. For Alamuddin, and her husband, once a famous Hollywood womanizer, this child (or children) will be born first.