Беременная Алсу раскрыла секрет пухлых губ
The singer commented on the information about plastic surgery.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Alsu, which fall in the third time will be the mother on his page in the social network responded to the spiteful critics, who decided that she had plastic surgery
lip enhancement, or simply “pumped” they are Botox or hyaluronic acid.

“Post specifically the clever, smart and “well-wishers”, —
writes Alsu — which in recent years has been particularly active trying to prove to everyone
and, first, themselves, and me too, I spent some
procedure to increase the lips. I, of course, in their view, to lead these
super-manipulation of the needles and the introduction of any obscurity in your body
now, another more “suitable” time could not find! So,
my dear, open your megasexnet and show you photos taken
today with a difference of only 1 minute! It turns so easily and completely
painless you can add volume using a normal pencil for the lip contour.
And who would have thought, it was just fantastic! Understand why
this version is not visited some “experts”: I usually don’t pay attention to
such nonsense, but I thought the summer window, why not share this
simple and rapid way with pretty girls. Yes, and at the same time very
I wanted justice, has triumphed.”

Fans were quick to reassure the star that they have in
never thought to suspect were Magical in appearance correction. “Lips always slightly
swell during pregnancy. You are very beautiful!” — they wrote.

We will remind, about pregnancy, the singer became known in April. Then
well, Lil Wayne has officially confirmed this fact. The third pregnancy of the actress was
unplanned. Now a mother of two children is in the seventh month, the baby will be born in September. Alsu hopes that this time will be born

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