Pregnant Alsu flew off to rest

Беременная Алсу улетела отдыхать
33-year-old singer showed rounded shape.


Photo: Instagram

Alsu, who is now expecting a third child, left to rest to the sea together with her husband Yan Abramov. Pregnancy of the singer flows perfectly, the delivery is scheduled for September, so the doctors have no problem letting their star patient to make a flight and the change of climate. For your holiday Alsu and Yan have chosen one of the best hotels in Dubai. In the UAE it is still not very hot, and in summer the singer will be dangerous to fly airplanes.

Fans of Lil Wayne, with whom she shared her photo in the bright dress, who does not hide her rounded tummy, convinced that the singer is a boy. Because the two daughters she already has. Senior Safin this year will be 10 years old, and Miquelle recently “knocked” 8. By the way, it is possible that the third child the singer may be born in one day with Safina, who was born 7 Sep.

Both daughters Alsou gave birth not in Russia. Safin was born in the United States, and Miquelle in Israel. Where the singer intends to give birth to a third child, not yet known.

We will remind, on third pregnancy Alsou was announced at one of the social events of Moscow, when she appeared in a free dress. A little later, the singer officially confirmed its “interesting” situation, saying that this pregnancy is unplanned. “I haven’t thought through, everything turned out as usual,” said the star.

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