Беременная Алсу стала моделью для наследницы The singer is delighted with the pictures of 10-year-old girl. The whole family Alsu went on holiday to Israel. A few months later the artist will give to your spouse third child, and while she’s having a great time with the closest people.

      Literally two months after the singer Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov will become parents for the third time. In the fall the couple daughters, 10-year-old Safina and 8-year-old Mikelle will have a brother or sister. In anticipation of the birth of a baby, the whole family flew to Israel, where pregnant Alsu chose the clinic, which plans to give birth. And while the singer enjoys the beautiful climate and nature of the Holy land. With children, the actress spends most of her time.

      “Morning potyagushki. The photo of the young talent satiny Abramova,” wrote Alsu, posting a photograph of her posing away from the camera.

      Fans were amazed at the abilities of the girl and noted that the she did is really worthy. “The talented moms and talented kids!”, “What a wonderful photo”, “Lil Wayne colorful sea! And You had a whole! Gorgeous and graceful! Coolness and freshness! Thank you!” “Satinka young photographer. Good rest, our dear, Sunny Alsu,” he wrote to fans.

      Apparently, the singer’s having a great time together with your household and gaining strength before the advent of the baby born. The actress has already decided on the choice of the medical establishment – she has decided not to risk it, so he gave preference to proven clinic “Ichilov” in which there is a maternity hospital Lis. Eight years ago, it was there that she gave birth to her second daughter Mikella. Alsou birth in Israel for a million

      “Alsu is not the first time have chosen our medical center, because he is one of the best in Israel, told the “StarHit” employee “Ichilov” Katerina. It will be cooked separate two-room VIP ward with the possibility of visiting loved ones. The process of birth and the subsequent two-day hospital stay will cost the family of the stars in $12 thousand. She will have her own nurse assistant who may, at her request, have a massage or spend the yoga class”.

      Fans have been eagerly waiting for replenishment in the family of their beloved artist. They admire a family idyll Alsu and Jan, each time marveling at how spouses manage to maintain a reverent attitude to each other.

      “It’s not how much you have wins behind you, statuses and achievements. Really important is not the fact of your life, let it favorite and you yourself found, and it is important to give and receive love, care for and see the concern, to write banal texts “miss you” and go work somewhere where it is always expected and where comfortable. Really the only important thing in life — have you become a happy person or not. Any material happiness and “trend” the world is not measured,” – quoted by Alsu the words of a familiar designer.

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